ShotLock introduces solo-vault for concealed carry weapons

ShotLock, maker of the only solo-vault for shot guns, is introducing a solo-vault made specifically for concealed carry hand guns. 

Designed to hold a single hand gun, the ShotLock CCW solo-vault is perfectly sized to house any compact or subcompact weapon. The solo-vault can be mounted on a wall, or any stable surface. It also features cable slots to allow the unit to be tethered to a solid structure, such as the seat bracket in a vehicle, making it perfect for transporting in a vehicle. 

Just like the original ShotLock made for shotguns, the CCW solo-vault is constructed of 14-gauge steel, and stores a single firearm. The small and compact size allows it to be mounted securely anywhere in the home or a vehicle.  

ShotLock CCW solo-vault facts

Size: 7.0” x 7.5” x 2.25”

Weight: 5.0 pounds

Suggested Retail: $169

  • Accommodates all compact and sub-compact hand guns, including .380s and 9 mm
    Alternate cable slots for tethering to solid structure
  • 1000+ combination programmable push-button lock
  • 14 gauge steel construction
  • Reversible left or right opening door
  • Mounts on a wall or in a vehicle, vertically or horizontally
  • Made in the USA

ShotLock solo-vaults available online at, Costco and at select retailers.