Cequent Performance Products’ summer hitch promotion a hit


To date, lucky consumers have won over $12,000 in cash and received valuable premiums for purchasing Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese hitches.

Plymouth, Michigan – Cequent Performance Products’ Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese receiver hitch brands have added cash, coupons and gifts to customers across North America through their series of special summer hitch promotions that continue until September 1, 2011.

“We have several objectives for the receiver hitch summer series,” explains Tom Benson, Cequent Performance Products president. “The first and foremost is to draw attention to the special attributes of each brand (like the Draw-Tite “Tested Tough” campaign, or to Hidden Hitch’s Canadian heritage) to help our installers and dealers communicate the elements that make them number one in their respective markets.

“The chance to interact with our customers around this North American sweepstakes also gives us a chance to show them the vast selection of merchandising tools we have developed to help them tell our collective story,” adds Paul Caruso, vice president/general manager of Towing Products and New Business Development. “Giving installers and dealers a way to reward their retail customers for making a great purchase decision, combined with consumer incentives designed to solicit repeat business makes us solid partners in their advertising effort.”

Caruso points out that participation in the summer series is simple. “The act of registering their warranty information online automatically qualifies the consumer for selected premiums and a chance to win at least $100. Twenty winners are selected each month, and the odds are determined by the number of customers that register. Those fantastic odds of winning are what are creating the buzz.” Cequent also offers two $1000.00 awards, each month, selected from the pool of installers and dealers whose retail customers participate.”

“We believe that our leadership is best demonstrated by offering superior products and the tools our customers need to ensure success with our brands” says Benson. “But in the end it almost always comes down to people.” “These promotions focus on the people who make our business run.”

By the second week of September the sweepstakes portion of the programs will have rewarded 100 consumers and 10 lucky installer/dealers with $40,000.

Draw-Tite’s “Joined at the Hitch,” Hidden Hitch’s “Built for Life,” and the Reese “Picture Yourself” programs run through August 2011. Details can be found either by visiting their respective websites or by contacting Cequent Performance Products.