Knapheide's forestry bodies

Knapheide has developed a superior forestry body line up.  Body styles include a straight forestry body for maximum chip capacity and a notched forestry body to accommodate L or I shaped storage packs. Industry leading features include 14-gauge galvanneal steel smooth side panels for displaying company graphics and a full length ladder box with pole pruner shelf and lockable access door for safety and security. Internal bow bracing provides durability and structural integrity for the 16-gauge galvanneal steel roof panels.

Recessed LED lights and a rear tailgate that swings open 270 degrees and latches on the curb side provide operator safety on the jobsite. Knapheide forestry bodies are all fully immersed in Knapheide’s E-coat prime paint system and fully undercoated to ensure corrosion resistance

Knapheide forestry bodies also have a wide array of options available to accommodate many different jobsite applications. Storage pack models include a standard forestry pack, an extreme security storage pack with steel security pins and hidden hinges, or a power latching storage pack with hidden hinges, steel security pins, and a key fob to activate internal electric actuators to open the compartment doors. Knapheide also offers a full line up of dual acting hoists with capacities ranging from 8 to 14 tons. The new forestry bodies are now available for order through Knapheide’s extensive nationwide distribution network. To find out more on Knapheide forestry bodies, click here.