Low-wear pintle combo

Premier Trailer Towing Products low-wear Combination Pintle Hitch

Premier Trailer Towing Products new design Combination Pintle Hitch moves the towing ball away from the lunette ring while towing. This new design creates a safer towing operation with less wear on the ball.

The combo pintle’s  â€śJ”-hook style moves the ball up and out of contact with the ring.

Then the lunette ring is retained when towing with Premier’s spring- loaded locking bar, then secured with a locking pin.

Premier says this new pintle reduces “liability exposure while towing,”  which is especially important to commercial customers; anything to reduce the chance of accidents is like money in the bank.

Premier’s Pintle Hitch is available with either a fixed 2” chrome ball (6,600 pound rating) or with the Ball Swappers™ System installed, with ratings up to 12,000 pound. The rating while towing with a lunette ring is 13,228lbs.

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