ATS 6.4L Ford HD torque converter

ATS Five Star Torque Converter; widened turbine & impeller allows 6.4L Fords to transfer more torque

Many pickup owners of late model 6.4-liter Ford Power Strokes are updating their trucks for increased power. With an automatic transmission this can have some unexpected and unwelcome side effects when it comes to maintaining the best drivability.

The new ATS heavy-duty 6.4L Five Star Torque Converter is designed to maximize power transfer to match the Power Stroke’s power curve, delivering maximum torque low in the rpm range.

ATS  re-engineered the torque converter with a wider turbine and impeller to control the hydraulic fluid. With the wider stance of these pieces, along with the stator design, the effective leverage exerted on the fluid is increased and allows the stall speed to remain at optimum R.P.M.

As with the previous Five Star Torque Converter designs, ATS provides a patented 5-disc lockup clutch pack for ultimate power transfer and strength.

Stamped steel factory components, such as the cover (or shell) of the converter, are replaced with heavy duty billet-machined pieces. Plastic internals, such as washers, are replaced by H.D. metal roller bearings.

Other parts which can lead to internal failure, such as the tab-fastened fins on the turbine and impeller, are brazed and reinforced for increased strength.

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