Discovery Channel's "Storm Chasers" use LINE-X

Line X Protective CoatingsDiscovery Channel’s Storm Chasers select LINE-X Protective Coatings to guard against extreme weather

— Storm Research Teams Put Their Trust In LINE-X —

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., (May 24, 2011) – LINE-X Protective Coatings, the nation’s leading developer and provider of high performance protective coatings, was selected to showcase its capabilities by working with two research teams featured on Discovery Channel’s hit show Storm Chasers, a documentary series following the adventures of extreme meteorologists on the hunt to catch rare footage and data from the world’s most violent tornados. Filming is currently underway and LINE-X is taking part by spray coating the GMC Sierra “TWISTEX Probe” chase truck owned by weather researcher, Tim Samaras, to help shield the vehicle from the extremely high force winds, heavy hail, flying debris and severe weather commonly present in tornado conditions.

Samaras worked with LINE-X last spring to take part in his research by spray coating his entire chase vehicle and the results were phenomenal. Since the airing of Storm Chasers on Discovery last season, extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer, of, has also collaborated with LINE-X to have his specially customized chase vehicle “The Dominator” protected with LINE-X along with a second Chevy Tahoe, which joins the show in 2011.

“Last season was the ultimate field test to prove the rugged capabilities of LINE-X Protective Coatings and we are very proud with how well it performed. There was no damage from hail, debris or high force winds and we can’t wait to see these LINE-X protected vehicles in action as they take on some of the toughest weather across the nation,” said Kevin Heronimus, CEO of LINE-X Protective Coatings. Storm Chasers airs on the Discovery Channel please check your local listings for dates and times.

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