Snow Performance's Tow-Max water-methanol injection system

The Snow Performance TOW-MAX water-methanol injection system lowers exhaust gas temperatures on turbo-diesel trucks, to safely tow heavy loads up steep grades, at higher highway speeds. The TOW-MAX uses a new and improved 2-D mapping system that is specifically designed for towing applications, providing precise water-methanol delivery to the engine under all load conditions. The result is up to 150 ft.-lbs of extra torque and consistent fuel economy improvements of nine percent.

The TOW-MAX comes with an LCD screen to display turbo-boost, EGTs and injection pump output; eliminating the cost and clutter of extra gauges on your dash. The system also comes with a water-methanol specific 250 psi pump, a large seven-gallon reservoir tank, and specially designed nozzles that atomize the fluid by spinning it supersonically, before forcing it through a venturi-shaped orifice to provide optimum combustion cooling.