Headlight Renew Doctor to attend 2011 SEMA

Georgia based company Headlight Renew Doctor will attend the 2011 SEMA show according to founder Chris Watts, Sr.

Watts, speaking from the Georgia world headquarters of Headlight Renew Doctor, reports the Headlight Renew Doctor is poised to triple its sales in 2011 over 2010.

“The response from the show has been simply outstanding,” said Watts,”HRD’s business has exploded and now has achieved distributorships all over Asia and is fast moving into South America.” Watts went on to add, “the sales in the United States are ahead of last year as well.”  

Watts attributes the rapid growth and positive customer feedback to the anti-UV components in HRD’s patent pending sealant and it patent pending process of application that gives a pair of heavily deteriorated headlights a lustrous, professional grade finish in 15 minutes.

“Whether you are a bench technician or a DIY type of guy, the HRD system is virtually foolproof for any auto needing to have its lights “renewed.”

The HRD system comes packaged in three ways; a 3-5 set treatment kit for the DIY market, a 40 treatment shop kit for professional service centers and a 6 pack of sealant only for professional body shops.

“Just tape, sand, and spray our patent pending UV ray protective sealant and the headlights will be protected from deterioration for 1-3 years and the sealant and system works on any polycarbonate auto headlight no matter the make or model,” reports Watts.  Today’s headlight replacements can cost from $800 to $2,000 depending on the make and model of the vehicle and Watts reports that this simple, best-in-class product is, “exactly what the doctor ordered…” 

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