Dill's tire pressure monitoring kits

Interested in saving fuel, reducing tire wear and optimizing vehicle handling?

Think about an Aftermarket Tire Pressure Monitoring Kit for passenger cars, SUV’s, pickups and trailers from Dill Air Controls Products.  The dash mounted display allows the driver to monitor tire temperature and air pressure in up to 10 wheel locations on the towing vehicle and on a trailer when connected. The display alerts the driver when air pressure is too high or too low with both visual and audible warnings.

Dill tire pressure monitoring kits are available in the following configuration:
  • 1504-453 for monitoring air pressure in 4 tires
  • 1506-453 for monitoring air pressure in 6 tires
  • 1508-453 for monitoring air pressure in 8 tires
  • 1510-453 for monitoring air pressure in 10 tires
Each kit includes the tire pressure monitoring sensors, display, display mount power cord and installation instructions. Kits are also available for HD trucks with .625 valve holes.