GoLight HID remote-controlled searchlights

Updated Feb 24, 2015

GoLight Stryker H.I.D. Remote-Controlled searchlights

Having the ability to light up a piece of equipment, a power pole, wellhead, pipeline, job site or anything else you might need to see in the dead of night is important to those who work outdoors.

So we installed a pair of model 30211  GoLight Stryker HID searchlights ($550) on the roof of our Project Super Crew.

The remote-controlled models were selected so we could operate them independently from inside or outside the cab.  HIDs because they have the highest light output and lowest amp draw.

We also choose GoLight Stryker HIDs because:


  • 1 Mile Effective Beam Distance
  • Wireless Remote Controlled Operation
  • 370° Rotation x 135° Tilt
  • Quick Start Up Time
  • Integrated 12V DC High-Torque Motors
  • Weatherproof for Land and Sea Applications
  • Waterproof Remote Transmitters
  • R.F. Programmable Super Heterodyne Receiver
  • Exclusive Wireless Dash-Mount Remote Option
  • Innovative Mounting Plate with Clamping Interphase

Contact: GoLight; 308-278-3131