Super Duty XD suspension seats

MasterCraft Safety’s New Super Duty “XD” Suspension SeatBrings Race Quality And Comfort To Ford Trucks

Ford’s Super Duty pickups are ubiquitous not just as towing and chase vehicles for desert races, but also at construction and work sites all over the country.  Now owners of these trucks can experience the same level of comfort the Jeep market has come to know through the Baja RS and the same level of engineering as the 3G off-road race seat.

Designed after the legendary MasterCraft Safety Baja RS suspension seat, the new XD seat is one inch wider to take advantage of the generous cabin space in the Super Duty and can comfortably fit up to a 44-inch waist.

This new suspension seat is offered in four popular color combinations to compliment any interior, including All Black – vinyl/cloth; All Black – vinyl only; All Gray – vinyl/cloth; and All Gray – vinyl only.  Unlike many other suspension seats on the market, the MasterCraft Safety meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) compliance.

The MasterCraft Safety XD seat keeps you safely positioned in any terrain, while still allowing for easy ingress and egress of your Super Duty truck.

The XD seat mounts directly to your Ford’s factory manual sliders with MasterCraft Safety’s installation kit and with nine different positions from full tilt forward to full recline, the XD seat allows you to fine tune your driving position or provide a much needed break during long haul drives.

Like all MasterCraft Safety suspension seats, the new XD is made from mandrel-bent and MIG-welded 3/4″-inch diameter .065-inch thick tubing and fitted with polyurethane foam of varying thickness and density to optimize comfort that lasts for years.  The suspension liner is made of nylon-coated textile mesh providing extreme strength and durability, while still being breathable.

Additional seat options include heating elements for cold climates, heavy-duty seat-back zipper pockets, and available Schukra lumbar support.   The XD offers bolt-in performance, safety, and comfort in a stylish, durable package, whether your next stop is the construction site or remote pit.

Helpful installation instructions can be found on MasterCraft Safety’s website at demonstrating just how easy it is to add comfort and safety to your Super Duty.

Based in Santee, California, MasterCraft Safety is the leading manufacturer of  off-road seating and restraints used in applications as varied as desert racing and military vehicles.  The common theme is that MasterCraft Safety is the first choice in environments where safety can mean the difference between life and death.

With the recent addition of Impact by MasterCraft Safety, the full spectrum of safety equipment from helmets to footwear is available for any and all forms of racing.  More information on MasterCraft Safety’s full-line of products can be found by visiting and additional information on Impact by MasterCraft Safety can be found at