Quick Fist clamps

Quick Fist clamps

End of the Road, Inc of Nashville, TN announces the introduction of QUICK FIST®  one piece rubber clamp that holds shovels, Hi-Lift jacks, hoses, axes, saws and other implements or tools almost anywhere on your truck.

The QUICK FIST attaches with a single bolt or sheet metal screw or can be temporarily mounted with a hose clamp.

Each  clamp will support more than 25lbs (11 kilos) of weight, and hold objects from 1” to 2.25” (25 to 57mm) in diameter.

QUICK FIST clamps are made of strong transportation grade rubber and are not affected by extreme hot or cold climates and are UV resistant.

QUICK FIST clamps retail in a two pack blister for $10.95 and can be found in 4Ă—4 and auto part stores or on the internet at www. endroad.com.

For further information contact: [email protected]; 615-828-2600