Master Pull synthetic winch rope

Master Pull Winch Rope is made using the world’s strongest synthetic rope, Dyneema. M-P winch rope is  only a fraction of the weight of steel cable, but is impressively up to 45% stronger.

This makes the M-P winch rope more convenient and safer than conventional steel wire cable, and unlike wire cable, synthetic winch rope has minimal snapback on weight limit exceeded breakages.

Due to the rope’s light weight, M-P winch rope handles easily and even floats on water. This makes the M-P winch rope great for rescues in water, on steep hills or in mountains, where weight really matters.

More advantages include no curls, kinks, wire splinters or sore fingers.

M-P synthetic winch rope comes with an stainless steel thimble and a 10 ft. heat guard to protect the rope from winch overheating. Either an H-D Sling Hook, a Safety Hook, or an H-D Sling Hook w/ connector link can be added to the line.

A 3 ft. rock guard can also be purchased separately to help protect the rope from abrasion. Master Pull; 877-797-0202