Backbone headache rack

Backbone headache rack system

The BACKBONE headache racks installed on ProPickup’s 2011 Project Bedrock GMC Sierra are available in multiple configurations. They can be mounted with long or short bed rails, and with or without a SKULLSCREEN.(Our GMC has the “short ribs.”

BACKBONE BED RAILS are smart, simple and straightforward. These sleek all aluminum bolt -down units form the BACKBONE of every rack we make. They protect your truck’s bed while unlocking it’s full hauling potential.

With endless tie-down points, color options, LED lights, custom lens options, and growth potential to accommodate a full HEADACHE rack….you’ll have all the angles covered.

Machined from a plate of solid quarter inch aluminum, the SKULLSCREEN makes an art form out of protecting your head. Custom fit to your bed, this one-off piece of brain armor will keep you and your cab safe and sound.

Available in your choice of polish or powder coat finish. Turn a few heads and protect your own. Do yourself a favor, get a SKULLSCREEN.

If your taste changes, no worries, a SKULLSCREEN can be added, or removed later. Beefed-up cab protection, endless tie-down points, and bold styling are all part of the HEADACHE RACK package. And, with the option to add color and finishes, the only thing missing is your imagination. BackBone Truck Accessories; 877-992-2252