PIAA auxiliary lights

PIAA driving & fog lights 

PIAA auxiliary lights have been a favorite of racers, off-road and ATVers, and  automotive enthusiasts for decades.

The lenses are computer designed and made from hardened prism-cut glass for maximum performance.

PIAA’s light kits come with pre-wired harnesses for easy plug-and-play installation, and the variety of lights fits a wide-range of applications from recreation to industrial.

The PIAA 510 Series ion fog lights used on Project Super Crew fit perfect in the Buckstop bumper. These lights are designed to cut through rain, snow, or fog to help you see clearly in adverse weather conditions. The distance of illumination is similar to your vehicle”s low beam.

  • Kit Includes 2 Lamps, Wiring Harness, Relay, Switch and 2 Black Mesh Style Lamp Covers
  • 3 15/16″Plasma Ion Yellow Lens
  • 85 Watts

PIAA’s 520 Series are the best selling light in the line. Period. We have those mounted inboard on the front bumper. PIAA’s 520 Series  exclusive Ion Crystal technology transforms white light into amber with no loss of candlepower.

The prism cut lens provides strength as well as optimum clarity thereby greatly enhancing visibility and safety. The Fog lamps penetrate rain, fog, dust, and snow without bouncing back into the drivers eyes or offending oncoming traffic.

The driving lights beam pattern dramatically enhances stock high beams by increasing both long distance and road shoulder illumination. Bulb Type: 12V – H3 85 watt Features: Stamped steel housing with black or chrome finish, glass lens, and mesh style covers Kit Includes: Two lamps, wiring harness, relay, switch, and two mesh style lens covers.