Harbor Freight's Badland Winches

Harbor Freight introduces Badland Winches, a brand new line of six professional grade winches available at low prices.

Badland Winches features include:

  • Speed – a three stage planetary gear system for blazing fast line speed
  • Power – from high strength aircraft-grade cables to a new efficient, maximum-pull, low amp draw Neutron Motor
  • High-end features – including a new Everyuse Bolt Pattern to fit every mount, ergonomic pistol grip handheld controls, an automatic load-holding brake, free-spooling capability and a new easy-turn clutch knob
  • Quality – including a high alloy steel internal gear train, heavy duty industrial hook and cable assemblies, salt spray resistant coating tested to withstand the toughest weather and centered frame construction for optimal balance and handling
  • These heavy-duty Badland Winches are available for ATVs with 2,000 pounds., 3,000 pounds and 5,000 pounds capacity, and for off-road vehicles in 6,000 pounds, 9,000 pounds and 12,000 pounds, and are base priced from $119.99 to $599.99.