Diesel MPG booster

Snow Performance MPG-MAX™ System improves diesel fuel economy

New Boost Cooler® Diesel system –  Proven 12%mpg increases, reduced emissions,150+ lb/ft Torque increase, and 250°f decrease in Exhaust Gas Temps  

New from Snow Performance is the only system proven to increase fuel economy in all load states – empty or while towing.

Special mapping and the most sophisticated 2d digital controller available result in 1-3 MPG increases!

The MPG MAX™ system does not require a sustained high load state in order to provide maximum fuel economy gains.

The MPG MAX™ system uses a new injection management controller that allows for a small, steady spray of water/methanol (windshield washer fluid) to be injected across the entire power curve – even while in cruise.

This provides an increase in combustion efficiency which provides more power without injecting more diesel fuel.  This increase in efficiency translates into an increase in fuel economy.

Typical fuel economy increases are 6%-12% or 1-3 MPG on a class 2&3 diesel.

With $4 per gallon diesel, the savings per 35 gallons is $15-$18 after figuring in the cost of the fluid.

Also, the system has an LCD screen that displays boost, exhaust gas temps and injection pump output.  This means a savings of $200-300 in gauges you don’t have to buy.


  1. Will not adversely effect PM filter (particulate matter filter) like most other power adders.
  2. Significantly reduces NOx and Particulate emissions.
  3. Doesn’t leave a “signature” on vehicles computer so warranty isn’t jeopardized.
  4. 4. Comes complete with large 7 gal. reservoir for a truly complete system.
  5. 5. The most advanced system on the market – true 2d mapping/ 2- nozzles controlled independently for smooth power always.
  6. 6. The only system proven to improve fuel economy.
  7. Fuel economy (+1-3 MPG), Power (+70 HP), and 250ºf lower EGT’s!
  8. 8. Dash mounted module – displays real time – no need for gauges.

Designed as a chemical intercooler for turbo-diesel applications for increased air density and power, the Boost Cooler® also conditions combustion so more fuel and boost can be utilized safely.

Snow Performance has been designing and manufacturing well engineered injection systems for over 9-years for many different types of vehicles with 100’s of hours of dyno and data sharing to ensure maximum performance. Snow Performance- the water-methanol injection experts™.

Part # 47005 Universal Fitment for Class 7&8 truck, Part# 48005 ’01-’09 GM Duramax, Part# 49005 ’96-’09 Dodge Cummins,  Part# 50005 7.3L Ford Power Stroke, Part# 50015 ’04-’09 6.0/6.4L    Ford Power Stroke.

Snow Performance; 719-633-3811.

MSRP $999