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Mile Marker Recovery Gear

Mile Marker is a well established, highly regarded company in the automotive aftermarket and OEM sectors. Mile Marker designs and manufactures unique, high quality and highly durable products for your off-road vehicle.

Our products include locking hubs, conversion kits, electric winches and our legendary hydraulic winch system. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and an approved supplier to the US Military. For over a decade, Mile Marker has been manufacturing and supplying parts for a number of major OEM’s. The quality of our products is assured.

Mile Marker products are available in almost all 4Ă—4 retail shops in the US, and there are dealers in 46 countries throughout the world. Please see our list of dealers for more detail.

Mile Marker is an innovator. Our legendary, patented hydraulic winch is the only approved winch for the US Military’s HMMWV (Humvee). This winch is powered by the power steering pump, allowing uninterrupted pulls for hours on end and operating in all climatic conditions. This is not only a great winch for the military, but for any serious off-roader.

Mile Marker is currently introducing the world’s first variable speed recovery winch. This winch allows infinite control of speed and power to provide the level of control needed for any winching task. The controls are all solid state with no solenoids or analog electrical devices inside. Our variable speed feature is available on all of Mile Marker’s ATV and 4×4 truck winches.

And, a new series of winches, the V series, is now being introduced. This new series is a premium winch with a powerful motor; it is waterproof and uses the new solid state, variable speed controls.

Mile Marker operates from its headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida, its primary distribution center in Kalama, Washington and from its plant in China.

When you need high quality, highly reliable, well-tested products for your ATV or 4×4, you can count on Mile Marker and our team of professionals to help you out. When you are out in the boonies, take Mile Marker with you – giving you confidence that you will be back home for a cold beer and warm bed.

And so we will here at ProPickup as we’ve teamed up with Mile Marker in equipping Project Super Crew and Big Red with Mile Marker’s top-of-the-line heavy duty winches so we have all the tools necessary for self-recovery.

Mile Marker

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