Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese announce expansive 2011 summer conumer promotions

Over $4,000 in program prizes to be given


PLYMOUTH, MI – Cequent Performance Products’ Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese brands will offer the industry a unique opportunity to capture consumer loyalty with a program series designed to reinforce purchase decisions and reward the participants.

Each of the three market leading receiver hitch brands will have a message and program tailored to accentuate their strengths and create a direct tie-in for the installer.

“The ultimate message is simple” explains Tom Benson, President of Cequent Performance Products. “Retail customers will understand that they have made a great buying decision, backed by exceptional product performance and a professional dealer/installer network throughout North America. This program will also educate the customer on the expansive towing related product selection offered in the other Cequent brands, and that they are all available from the same businesses that sold/installed their receiver hitch.”

Mark Gage, VP of Marketing for Cequent points out that many hitch installers have transitioned to a more expansive retail selection and the Cequent family of brands represent convenient profit opportunities both at the time of installation and later when other needs arise. “We will be using our significant brand exposure to encourage retail customers to see both Cequent and the dealer/installer as professionals whose purpose is look after their best interest. We want to help them understand that most details around vehicle transportation to and from work or play have been anticipated and solutions are incorporated in the products we offer where towing, trailering and cargo management are involved.”

Each of the companies three major receiver hitch brands will support a slightly differentiated approach to allow targeted messages to each dealer/installer’s needs. The Draw-Tite theme “Joined at the Hitch” accentuates the relationship formed when the customer purchases an important vehicle accessory, and builds on the “Tested Tough” mantra that sets the brand apart from its competition. “Built for Life” encourages the Hidden Hitch consumer to share how we fit theirs and speaks to the heritage of the brand and its many applications. The Reese theme “Picture Yourself” lends itself to the establishment of a great long term relationship between the consumer and the installer who is there to service their needs, and focuses on its history of “Pioneering Performance.” All three programs not only offer the consumer selected vehicle premiums but also send them a number of special offers that are only available/redeemable from the original dealer/installer of the hitch.

Adding to the spirit of this new relationship series will be a sweepstakes where there will be chances to win prizes of $100 and $500 VISA gift cards. “The 2011 summer promotions are going to be a big event and the beginning of some great customer loyalty that can last for generations” says Gage. “We are really excited about the prospect of working even more closely with our customers toward common goals and implementing strategies that will allow for all to prosper”.

Today, Cequent Performance Products manufactures more than 750 different models of Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese receiver hitches and accessories for almost 4000 vehicle applications and has a selection of more than 4500 additional towing, trailering and cargo management as well. Visit www.Draw-Tite.com, www.Hiddenhitch.com, www.Reeseprod.com for more information.