MOR/ryde introduces the “airless suspension” for the tow vehicle market

Your truck doesn’t have to ride like a truck! That’s the premise behind MOR/ryde’s newest suspension system for the RV market. The MOR/ryde RS system is designed for use by pick-up truck owners. Nicknamed the “airless suspension”, the RS uses a unique rubber shear spring to isolate and absorb road shock instead of conventional air bags that serve simply as load lifters. The RS system delivers a much smoother ride over all road conditions with greater driver and passenger comfort. This improved ride quality is evident when hooked up and towing a trailer or when driving the truck unhooked. The result is the same, a noticeable improvement in ride quality. 

The RS system accomplishes this without conventional air bags which can and do leak, hence the “airless suspension” moniker. Applications are available for most Âľ ton  and above trucks.

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