OTC Multitool 750

New OTC Multimeters

OTC, an SPX® Brand, continues to expand its line of Specialty Tools and Equipment with the release of six new digital automotive multimeters.

The new electrical testers include the 3907 Probe Multimeter, which is small enough to fit into a pocket, and the 750 Series Automotive Multimeter (P/N 3980), which performs numerous automotive specific tests and is compatible to hybrid vehicle systems.

OTC’s new 3907 probe style meter is a full function multimeter in a convenient pocket pen type package. The probe contains a retractable probe cover and lead clip on back of meter for carrying in pocket or storage.

The set comes in sizes from IPR-08 to IPR-55, giving technicians the confidence of having the right tool for the job at hand.

The new 750 Series Automotive Multimeter includes all of the great features of the 550 Series Digital Multimeter, and now comes loaded with advanced automotive specific test functions such as True RMS, RPM, Dwell, Pulse Width, Temperature, Backlight, RS232, and Min/Max.

It is CATIII so it is compatible with Hybrid vehicle systems. Contact OTC; (800) 533-6127