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DriveReply 2.1In honor of National Distracted Driving Awareness month, DriveReply™ 2.1 sees major upgrades with Accident Recording and Where Am I technologies to enhance a driver’s safety

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA, April 05, 2011 – Iconosys, Inc., a seasoned leader in the development of innovative and first of kind mobile telecommunications applications and related technologies, announces today the introduction and release of  DriveReply™ 2.1 for Google Android Smartphones and Tablets. DriveReply™ is a robust, yet simple, focused, driver-attendant App that helps protect drivers, passengers, and those in their path, and ultimately, saves lives, by promoting safe, distraction-free driving.   

DriveReply™ was the first driver safety application to provide a convenient and anxiety alleviating response to those with whom you communicate via text messaging.  DriveReply™ lets callers and texters know that the driver is acting in a responsible manner, protecting the app user’s life, as well as the lives of others on the roadways by enabling the driver to avoid texting and/or talking on the phone while driving.  New, enhanced features such as Iconosys’ proprietary “Accident Recording” and Where Am I?™ technologies are built in to the upgraded app to make it more of a necessity for person who is always “on the go” than ever before.

“While other companies out there are trying to make a quick buck off of the much needed solution to the epidemic of texting while driving, we have found a way to make our product free during National Distracted Driving Awareness month,”  explained Iconosys CEO and co-founder Wayne Irving II.  Irving went on to observe, “When the app is activated, the phone is silenced, yet continues to run in the background, managing your inbound SMS and call traffic, while allowing the driver to remain focused on his/her primary task – driving.”


DriveReply™ 2.1 Features Include:


  • Triggering only at speeds greater than 10-15 mph, the app autoreplies a responsible message to inbound voice calls and SMS text messages while the user is driving; (ex: Hi mom, I’m sorry you caught me driving, I will text you back when I get to my destination. Thank you for understanding);
  • MyDrive5™ technology rings a special tone for up-to-5 persons that must get through anytime in case of emergencies;
  • No-Reply List feature for those persons that the driver chooses to exclude from his/her autoreply list, and therefore do not receive any automated responses;
  • Intuitive/User-friendly interface: a single click identifies whether the user is a driver or a passenger;
  • Accident Recorder, in the event that user is in an accident, this utility allows for the gps/date/time stamped recording of pictures and documents covering such things as accident site, vehicle damages, insurance cards and drivers licenses;
  • Insurance Card Recorder that records and holds a copy of the app user’s  own insurance card for retrieval; 
  • Iconosys’ Where Am I?™ technology, which allows the driver to identify a precise physical location, including address where available, in the event of an accident or roadside hazard;
  • A new handy Pop-up Information Window that now emerges when DriveReply™ disengages, providing some appreciated information about the number of calls and texts missed, along with a calculation of the duration of time for which the DriveReply™ service has been engaged.


The all-new DriveReply™ 2.1 is available for download from Android OS Smartphones English, on the Android Market, GetJar, and soon the Amazon App Store. The upgraded app will also be available in the next few days in Spanish from the Android Market or from Motorola’s Shop4Apps Appstore for Central and South America.

About Iconosys, Inc.
Iconosys, Inc., the maker of the world renown DriveReply™, Trick or Tracker™, and Tell My Geo™ is developing a series of “first of kind“ technologies and technology driven safety apps designed to enrich, enhance, and make safer our day today lives.

Iconosys’ CEO Wayne Irving II, a pioneer in next-generation telecom concepts, has led the drive to take advantage of new systems, processes, and onboard motion technologies to build lifesaving and life-enhancing products, and to create new and better tools for mobile and cloud applications and operating systems.

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