Editor's Note

Let the Fun Begin

I’ve wanted a new pickup for the last several years, but the timing just never seemed to be right and the thought of making those new-truck payments again was a little hard to swallow. So I’ve been biding my time taking that step from used to new.

Guess what? That step’s been taken.

I started off this year by rolling out of the local GMC dealer in a new Crew Cab 1500 4×4. My new pickup gets better fuel economy than the TrailBlazer I’ve owned for the past eight years and beats it in roominess, comfort and utility value. My wife even likes driving it, and she plays a big role in the decision-making process around our house.

It’s amazing how much automotive technology has advanced in the last decade. The engines are far more powerful and efficient, the suspensions make driving pickups a pleasure instead of a chore, and the interiors make you comfortable even on base-level models.

The aftermarket has kept pace every step of the way as well. Just look at all the new products available for our pickups and the new designs and technology that those products bring to the work place and our weekend pursuits.

Meet Project Super Crew.

I can’t wait to make a few upgrades to my new pickup (much to my wife’s chagrin!) so it performs better for my needs and interests.

The word “performance” to me isn’t just about making my pickup faster. For me performance is synonymous with functionality.

If I can add a part or make a change in my new pickup to make it work better doing whatever I need it to do, I’ve increased its performance. And my thoughts probably align well with your own on that topic if you use your pickup for both work and family needs.

Speaking of pickups and upgrades, this is an interesting issue of ProPickup as we wind down our Big Boss Ram 2500 Sweepstakes project truck and simultaneously roll into our new sweepstakes project build – a 2011 F-250 Crew Cab 4×4.

Project Super Crew will make a lot of you Blue Oval lovers drool just as the Big Boss does for you die-hard Dodge boys. You can help this time around. I’d like to hear your performance ideas for our new Ford that would make it a true jobsite phenom.

So let the fun begin as we plow into mud season and put those ideas, equipment and upgrades to work on our pickups, old and new alike.