Snap-on’s MICROSCAN diagnostic platform

MicroscanLooking for fast and easy Global OBD-II diagnostics at the right price? Snap-on’s MICROSCAN diagnostic platform delivers solid power at a high value.

Other tools can pull OBD-II codes, but MICROSCAN is not simply a code reader. Technicians get all 10 modes of OBD-II for a complete diagnosis: read and clear codes, view live data, emissions readiness, onboard monitors, pending codes, permanent codes and much more. In addition, they can record and playback 64-frame data files.

MICROSCAN offers live data graphing. A MICROSCAN exclusive is Snap-on’s troubleshooter code tips. Code tips show the most likely causes for thousands of common vehicle problems. Technicians will also appreciate MICROSCAN’s time-saving plug-and-play feature. MICROSCAN gets to work as soon as it is connected to a vehicle.  It automatically powers up, determines vehicle protocol and displays any trouble codes in as little as 10 seconds.

With MICROSCAN PRO, technicians get enhanced engine codes for GM, Ford and Chrysler, plus ABS codes. With the optional OBD-I adapter set, MICROSCAN can diagnose older vehicles.