Truck-Lite’s LED snow plow kit improves visibility

Truck-Lite Snow PlowTruck-Lite released a new LED snow plow kit. The LED kit not only improves overall visibility for the vehicles plowing our busy roads & highways, but the lamps are also highly visible by oncoming traffic, improving all around safety.

LED lights are significantly brighter than traditional lamps, have a much longer life expectancy as well as increased durability & lower current draw. Traditional halogen lamps emit light from a fine filament that hasn’t been able to withstand the impact generated by the plow’s vibration. LED products work from electrically charged semiconductor chips that emit light. The semiconductor produces a solid-state lamp that is far more durable & virtually impervious to shock & vibration.

Truck-Lite’s LED snow plow kit is composed of a right & left hand lamp assembly as well as appropriate harness. Each lamp assembly includes an LED headlamp, bracket and pedestal turn signal lamp.