BOLT codeable padlocks

BOLT locks where one key fits all

Too many keys on your key chain? The new BOLT codeable locks learn your vehicle key so now one key fits all.

The BOLT Series of innovative locks incorporate a patented cylinder that enables you to program the locks to your vehicle key.

Imagine the convenience of not having to search for keys or go through the process of elimination to figure out which key goes to what lock. And no need to remember combina- tions for locks you rarely use.These innovative locks redefine security, durability and convenience.

The system is simple. The first time you insert and turn your key the tumblers inside the cylinder are coded to the unique cuts on your key. Now your lock is set to your vehicle key.

BOLT Series locks fit over 88 percent of light trucks and over 70 percent of all Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles on the road, making them compatible with 111 million vehicles. BOLT; (877) 251-8798