Jobsite Thefts

Jobsite equipment thefts on the rise

— Peter duPre, special to ProPickup

Although security of jobsite equipment is better than ever, recent studies show thefts of equipment  are at an all time high.

That’s because most jobsites sit idle during nighttime hours, the equipment is easy to steal and the rewards, for the thief, are very high.

Two of the most recent studies show no type of construction, landscape, or farm equipment is safe from theft. So it pays to be vigilant when it comes to securing and protecting your assets.

The National Equipment Register, an organization that maintains databases of equipment ownership, theft reports, and machine identification characteristics.

NER’s March 2011 Equipment Theft Summary lists the top five types of equipment stolen this past winter in order of theft popularity:

  1. Skid Steer Loader/Compact Tracked Loader
  2. Utility Cart/Vehicle
  3. Backhoe Loader/Tractor (Compact, Utility and Ag)
  4. Commercial Mowers
  5. Loaders (Articulated, Tracked, Landscape)

According to the 10th Annual Construction Equipment Theft Study, popular job site equipment is often a theft target because work areas are frequently free of personnel after dark, the ease in which these items can be transported and the high resale the equipment brings on the black market. The top five types of equipment are listed below in order of theft popularity:

  1. Generators/Air Compressors/Welders
  2. Backhoe Loaders/Skip Loaders/Wheel Loaders/Track Loaders
  3. Skid Steers
  4. Light Utility Vehicles/Work Trucks/Trailers
  5. Forklifts/Scissor Lifts