DuraSafe trailer coupler lock

DuraSafe Connect plus Protect system

The patent-pending Coupler Connect plus Protect system from DuraSafe is two problem- solving products in one. Not only does it eliminate the hassles of trying to hookup a trailer it also keeps the trailer securely connected to the tow vehicle.

The Coupler Connect plus Protect system includes one mounting bracket and two complementary accessories – a guide for connecting and a guard for protecting.

First, use the guide to align the coupler directly over the tow ball for easy hookup. This accessory eliminates the problem many people have with trying to hook up a trailer.

It locates the trailer coupler directly over the ball without the need of assistance and prevents damage to the tow vehicle. Once the trailer is connected, remove the guide and insert the guard to lock down the coupler and help prevent the trailer from accidentally separating from the towing vehicle during travel.

Separation of the trailer can occur for many reasons including coupler not properly secured, equipment failure and mismatched ball and coupler. As an added benefit the guard can also be used to secure the trailer to the tow vehicle when a

padlock is used. Easily connect your trailer and have the peace of mind it is properly and

The DuraSafe Coupler Connect plus Protect’s unique mounting bracket accommodates a wide range of couplers and ball mounts and allows for maximum turning radius. Additional features: use the guide as a wheel chock and the guard as a step. Installs easily in minutes. Made in the USA of strong, zinc-plated steel.

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