Protecting jobsites from theft

24/7 on-site surveillance with DeWalt’s Mobilelock

According to the National Equipment Register: Theft and Recovery & Risk Management, a lack of security solution costs contractors more than $1.3 billion a year in lost assets and productivity.

Other studies show 95% of contractors experience theft at least once a year.

DeWalt’s new MOBILELOCK™ is a big help in deterring or preventing such thefts.

This palm-sized electronic security device will alert up to three other individuals via email and phone, providing you with opportunity to be informed of a disturbance of your tools and equipment or motion is detected within a certain area.

MOBILELOCK provides these features and more:

  • Equipment – Now you can protect your skid steers, backhoes, and front-loaders. MOBILELOCK’s sensors will alert you whenever equipment is being tampered with, vibrations are detected, or a change in temperature occurs
  • Materials – Copper wire and construction materials are not cheap. Make sure yours are protected when the day ends.
  • Storage – Gang boxes, tool trailers, and remote storage containers are all at risk of being tampered with or stolen.
Let MOBILELOCK protect your valuable assets so your job isn’t interrupted.Not only does MOBILELOCK alert you when your materials have been tampered with – it also allows you to track and recover them via a GPS locator. Retail price: $390, plus $19.95/mo service fee.

Want to learn more about activation and installation? Click here to take an interactive tour of MOBILELOCK.