V-Rex-2 Arrives

V-Rex-2: Bad-Ass Road Rocket  

Love big bikes and think you have the coolest ride around? Are you riding a V-REX-2?

Christian Travert, CEO of Travertson Inc. that is producing the world-lauded V-REX motorcycle, is about to deliver the first orders of the vaunted V-REX-2.

The V-REX-2 is a production motorcycle with it’s own custom built shocks, which are revolutionary, as well as the brakes and numerous other features. a

The V-REX-2 was a huge challenge, Travert says, “but nothing I could not accomplish and besides, the bigger the challenge, the more I like it!” Christian Travert, owner and founder of Travertson, Inc. a Motorcycle factory based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Not only is the lnewest V-REX born from advanced computer graphics and new millennium engineering, it boasts a futuristic design coupled with the most up-to-date technology, it is beautiful and is a pleasure to ride. The V-REX functions perfectly as a “real world” motorcycle. The lights in the back seat and the turn signals on the handle bars are a winning formula.

Travertson offers the consumers amazing colors for the V-REX, which is being distributed through Choice Dealers nationwide. Other colors are available, of course, as an option. Travert says they will also have an option for a passenger seat, where the seats will be easily changed.

Contact: Travertson, Inc; (954) 763-2283; www.travertson.com