All About Bedliners

The Work-Truck Guide to Bed Protection

Slide-in, drop-in, and spray-on liners are the working man’s bests friends when it comes to protecting the pickup bed

By Steve Campbell

Bedliners protect one of the working man’s biggest investments yet they are often one of the last items we think about adding in our quest to make our pickups better. They should be the first.

For professionals who depend on a pickup as a tool of the trade, a properly installed liner — whether it’s a mat, a drop-in, a spray-on or a hybrid product — can prevent scuffs, gouges and chemical damage that may lead to corrosion and rust. Some liners also provide a buffer against dents caused by heavy or shifting loads, and maintaining a pickup’s appearance undoubtedly adds to its value at resale or trade-in time.

In fact, many original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) now place a residual value on original bedliners and vehicle valuators such as Kelly Blue Book add value to trucks that are outfitted with liners.

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