PIG Oil-Only Absorbent Mat

PIG Oil-Only Absorbent Mat changes color to show oil leaks

New Pig Corporation has introduced the PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Mat with Color Flare™ Technology  specifically designed to change color to reveal light-colored oil leaks that are nearly invisible on standard absorbents.

The unique Mat is composed of Oil-Only Mat and an outer spunbond layer that contains oil-indicating wax dots.

The dots dissolve in oil to release dye, and the Mat “flares” bright blue to provide a clear visual indication that mineral oil or hydraulic fluid is leaking.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the PIG® Oil-Only Mat with Color Flare™ Technology,  is UV-resistant, repels water and is impervious to rain and other wet conditions.Excellent for areas where equipment and machinery are stored outdoors, the Color Flare™ Technology provides an instant alert to problem leaks and drips.

This technology also makes routine inspections of outdoor generators, power units and other equipment faster and easier – no flare = no leaks! www.newpig.com;  800-HOT-HOGS