Hella LED Work Light

Hella Power Beam 2000 LED Work Lamp

The new Hella Power Beam 2000 LED work/flood light delivers energy-efficient and economical lighting, providing 2,200 lumens of lighting output (at a light color of 5,700 ºK) while using only 43W of power. The Power Beam 2000 has a multi-volt operating range from 9 – 33V.

The Hella Power Beam 2000 incorporates 16 high-performance, long-lasting LEDs to create a powerful white light that’s very close to daylight and delivers the ultimate in close-range illumination for a wide range of heavy-duty applications.

In the Power Beam 2000’s design, Hella also uses its innovative Free-Form reflector technology, which is designed to deliver more lighting output and precise beam placement than conventional lamps.

Due to its very low power consumption, the Hella Power Beam 2000 has a lifespan of over 16,000 hours and will last 100 times longer than a traditional halogen bulb.

The lamp is built to withstand rugged operating conditions and has a specially developed thermal management design that protects the intense light output from causing overheating.

It is ideal for use in highway, agricultural, construction, municipal, forestry equipment and heavy-duty work truck applications. For more information go to the Hella website.