300hp Verado leads Mercury power

Verado 250/300hp Pro FourStrokes


Mercury Marine’s supercharged 4-strokes provide unmatched acceleration and top speed


Anglers who prefer four-stroke technology or those who want a more advanced, refined and enjoyable ride from a performance engine will have their prayers answered by the introduction of Mercury Marine’s Verado 250 and 300 Pro FourStrokes – the newest additions to the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of performance outboards.

The engines – equally superb on bass boats, multi-species vessels, saltwater bay boats and performance pontoons – are pleasingly quiet and virtually vibration-free, despite their awesome ability to rocket out of the hole and to provide unequalled mid-range acceleration and top speed.

If you’re headed to a specific location and want to get there first, this is your engine – especially if you want to get there in comfort using state-of-the-art technology.

The new Pro FourStrokes are engineered to deliver the enhanced performance (acceleration and top speed) of other Mercury Pro Series engines – including the OptiMax 250 Pro XS, the most successful and most popular engine on the professional bass circuit. And they do it with sporty new graphics packages.

Verado’s supercharged technology allows precise, programmable control over not only the fueling strategy, but the air intake as well. No competing engine can manage intake with this degree of precision, because no other engine is supercharged with computer-controlled boost.

The fuel grade for the Pro FourStroke is the same as Mercury’s 300 hp Verado engine (91 recommended for maximum performance under all conditions, but it will run fine on 87 octane without compromising reliability or conflicting with warranty coverage).

The Pro FourStoke features Digital Throttle and Shift and electro-hydraulic power steering, both of which provide automotive-like ease and precision handling.

A spectacular benefit for bass anglers is the optional DTS Hot Foot, which provides the ability to transfer throttle control between the foot pedal and the DTS panel control with the push of a button – great for keeping both hands on the wheel during high-speed runs, along with the convenience of conventional panel throttling for docking and loading/offloading.

The Pro FourStroke is available with a 20-inch shaft (L version) for bass boats 21 feet and longer, and a 25-inch shaft (XL version) for multi-species and salt water bay boats. Performance pontoons and tritoons are also great candidates for the new Pro FourStroke.