Cheap Driving Lights

Cheap auxiliary lights 

Is your auxiliary light budget more akin to a pellet gun than a 30.-06? If so, consider purchasing three sets of tractor implement lights from Northern Tool & Equipment (part# 16300)  or  Peterson Manufacturing (part#507).

These lights, mounted in sturdy rubber housings, cost about $26/pair.

Use one set as flood/reverse lights, one set as winch working lights, and the third as long-range driving lights.

To turn the tractor lights into long-range driving lights, purchase two 4-inch-round aircraft landing lights (#GEQ4509) from Sky Geek (866-464-4368), which is an aircraft supply outlet.  Pop-out the flood-pattern tractor bulbs that come in the stock housings and replace them with the aircraft lights. The fit is perfect.

Install the lights using 12-ga wire and heavy-duty toggle switches. Use a relay, activated by the high-beam side of the headlights, to wire in the driving lights.  Painless Performance Products is a great source for the electrical products.  – Bruce W. Smith / ProPickup