EK USA Tie-down straps

EK Ratshet Cat tie-downs 


Need to secure mowers, ATVs, generators and other small equipment to a trailer or in the bed of your pickup, check out Ratshet Cat tie-downs from EK Motorsports.

The USA-made tie-downs  feature adjustable straps from 24” to 78”   comfort soft-grip handle and large grab handle for easy length and adjustment. Ratshet Cats have 1,200-pound tensile strength, 1 1/8’ wide nylon webbing, and dual S-hooks with safety clips designed to keep the tie down strap connected and secure.

Each tie down includes a soft tie option to prevent scratching at the point of contact. Sold in pairs. 23 different webbing (strap) colors to choose from including camo. EK USA; (435) 753-8448