Pig absorbant mats

Roll out the PIG to absorb spills


New Pig Corporation has introduced two highly absorbent PIG® Mat rolls for soaking up drips, spills and spatters that happen anywhere in the shop.

PIG® Universal Absorbent Mat Rolls (gray) and PIG® Water-Repellent Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Rolls (white) absorb liquids quickly and easily, significantly reducing cleanup time.  

Unlike floor sweep, PIG® Mat is free from dust and grit, so it doesn’t get tracked into vehicles or other areas, or damage delicate sensors, parts and tools.

Constructed from eight layers polypropylene, gray PIG® Mat safely absorbs and retains oil, coolants, water, gasoline, solvents, auto fluids and lubes, paint overspray, battery acid and most other liquids.

And it will not rip, fray or fall apart, even when saturated. An exclusive dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquid throughout the Mat so messes disappear fast and liquids remain in the mat. For added convenience and efficiency, PIG® Mat Rolls feature easy-tear perforations every 10 inches, so techs can take just what’s needed for the job.

For oil or fuel spills in wet, marine or outdoor applications that need to be cleaned up without wasting absorbency on water, use PIG® Water-Repellent Oil-Absorbent Light-Weight Mat Roll.

 Unlike rags or floor sweep, the white PIG® Oil-Only Mat quickly soaks up gas and oil but repels water from rain, slush, washdowns, ponds, sumps and more.

At 50’ L x 15” W, 2.5 lbs., the compact grab-and-go roll absorbs up to 3 gallons of liquids and is great for techs in the field and for keeping in convenient locations throughout the shop.  

A magnetic roll holder is available for convenient placement.  Both PIG® Universal Light-Weight Absorbent Mat Rolls and PIG® Water-Repellent Oil-Only Light-Weight Absorbent Mat Rolls feature 60 pads per roll, 12 rolls per case, and 39.6 gal. absorbency per case.

PIG® Absorbent Mat Rolls are exclusive products of New Pig Corporation and are available through NAPA, VIPAR Heavy Duty, Eastwood, ToolWEB, Duluth Trading, Aircraft Spruce and other distributors. To see PIG® Mat in action, go to www.pigforshops.com <http://www.pigforshops.com/> .