W-D hitch chain tender

Signature Series Rotating Latch Brackets


Blue Ox® introduces Signature Series Rotating Latch Brackets to universally fit all weight distribution hitches with chains.


Blue Ox®, your premier source for towing and hitching products, is now offering a simple way to increase the ease of use on your current weight distribution hitch. 

The same Rotating Latch Brackets that are found on the Blue Ox® SwayPro weight distributing and sway-control hitch, are now available to separately to fit other weight distribution hitches.

 While most hitches on the market today utilize snap up chain brackets which allow the chain to sway freely, the Signature Series Rotating Latch Bracket’s wrap around design secures the chain thus reducing sway.

The rotating latch enables you to hook up much quicker and with less hassle than traditional snap-up methods, and will improve the amount of clearance for enclosed trailer frames, propane bottles and battery compartments.

 Blue Ox® Rotating Latch Brackets will be available in both clamp-on (84-0166) and bolt-on options (84-0167), and will fit any hitch that uses chains.

For more information on the Blue Ox® Rotating Latch Brackets and the complete line of Blue Ox® towing and braking systems, steering controls systems, sport carriers and accessories contact Blue Ox®, One Mill Road, Industrial Park, Pender, NE 68047; phone 402-385-3051; fax 402-385-3360; e-mail; [email protected], website www.blueox.us.