Free mobile phone "dyno" app





BROADVIEW, IL, August 26, 2010 –The new ”Light ’Em Up Dyno” app from Bosch gives the popular iPhone® and iPod touch® mobile devices the capabilities of a portable dynamometer that can measure acceleration, G-force, and horsepower.

The key is in the built-in accelerometer; this is the same sensor that changes the screen orientation and allows users to play games.

 “The Bosch Light ‘Em Up Dyno App requires no GPS or network connection. After downloading and installing the Bosch app, users simply follow the quick setup instructions, input some basic information regarding their vehicles, and they’re ready to have some fun,” said Mark Wilkinson, Product Manager for Spark Plugs at Bosch.

 The basic Bosch dyno app gives the iPhone/iPod touch the capability to provide:

 0-60 acceleration timing

  • Publishing of results on Facebook, Twitter and
  • Downloadable promotion offers
  • Location of a Bosch Spark Plug retailer

 The full-version of the Bosch iPhone app allows the user to measure:

  •  1/4-mile trap speed and time
  • Horsepower estimates (wheel and/or estimated crank)
  • Elapsed time and trap speed for standard intervals (60′, 330′, 1/8 Mile, 1000′)
  • Lateral G-force measurement (current and peak)
  • Braking G-force measurement (current and peak)
  • Friction Circle (max Gs in 16 directions)
  • Timed run and skidpad graphs
  • Real-time speedometer, friction circle and graphs
  • Results for latest test run or any saved run
  • Comparable results between vehicles, dates, or before-and-after modifications

 “The accelerometer in the iPhone/iPod touch is what causes the screen to switch from vertical to horizontal presentation when the phone is turned on its side. It is also what allows many of the games and applications to function, and this is what makes the Bosch application work,” Wilkinson indicated.

“After inputting the basic information, no external wires or equipment are necessary, simply slip the device into a cradle or cup holder – or secure it to the seat — and go. The app’s screens are designed to turn the face of the device into what appears to be readouts from a dynamometer,” he said.

 The basic Bosch Light ’Em Up Dyno app is available at no charge. This version can be upgraded to the full-featured app with a touch of a button.

The cost is $4.99, but with the Light ’Em Up rebate program for Bosch Spark Plugs, the full-featured app is free after the rebate with the purchase of Bosch spark plugs. Visit for a link to the app.

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