Window tinting benefits


High-quality window films make the inside of a cab cooler and reduce eye strain

Tinting the windows may sound redundant if your new pickup came from the factory with tinted windows.

But there’s a big difference between factory-tinted windows and windows tinted with high-performance aftermarket window films.

While OEM tinted glass provides a certain level of privacy and looks, today’s high-quality window films can greatly improve the blocking of UV rays and solar heat (infra red).

But that needs to be done without interfering with signals from your  vehicle’s keyless entry system, its tire pressure monitors, radio and GPS.

“In a world filled with wireless devices such as GPS, mobile phones and satellite radio receivers, it’s more important than ever to ensure that automotive window films provide the highest possible protection without disabling connectivity,” said Mark Gershenson, CPFilms’ Director of Product Marketing.

CPFilm’s newest window tint film, Llumar CTX, for example, utilizes Ceramatrix™ Advanced Technology to provide 99-percent UV absorption, cut down glare by 90-percent, and block out 60-percent of the solar heat from the interior – all without without blocking electronic signal transmissions.

For those working in the lANDSCAPING, construction and contracting trades this this means far greater protection for those inside the cab and less use of the A/C system in the dead of summer. This applies to both pickups and the cabs of equipment used on site.

Another point to consider is the tint’s legality.  For example, in some states the front side windows have to allow at least 28-percent light transmission while others may have higher or lower standards.

A quality window tint not only provides that custom look, but it also makes it more difficult to scope out what’s in the vehicle, greatly reduces the penetrating heat of the sun, and knocks down the glare when looking from the inside out. All pluses when the pickup cab is also the office. â€” Bruce W. Smith