Slide-out bed storage from Tuffy

Tuffy slide-out cargo drawers good fit for HD pickups


Tuffy Security Products’ Heavy Duty Gear Drawers are perfect for any company needing organization and heavy duty security. 

These drawers are specifically designed for outdoor use and are completely encased, producing an extremely weather resistant design. 

The large drawers open smoothly on Tuffy’s exclusive slide system incorporating (8) heavy duty precision stainless steel roller bearings. 

Tuffy’s patented locking system provides protection for outdoor equipment and other valuables.

Options like dividers, carpet, and gear anchors are available.  In addition to each drawer’s 400 lb. interior capacity, the Heavy Duty Gear drawers are rated to 2000 lbs. on top, allowing additional equipment to be on the go with you. Contact: Tuffy Security Products; (800) 348-8339