Magnalight high-intensity compact strobe

Magnalight compact strobing beacon

The Magnalight LEDSL-10W strobing LED beacon  is ideal for all applications where high visibility is critical.


The Magnalight Single Side Emitting Generation III 10 Watt LED Strobing Beacon is a small yet very powerful beacon light that uses a 10 watt led to produce an exceptionally bright strobing flash that is brighter and more powerful than typical LED beacon lights.

This beacon, which is half the size of a dollar bill (see video),  is equipped with a 10 watt LED which puts it well ahead of commonly available LED beacons that typically utilize low power 1-3 watt LEDs.

The 10 watt LED is paired with a specially designed clear optical lens to generate a brilliant 360 degrees of flashing light that is visible several thousand feet farther than competing LED strobes.

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