Meyer Super-V plow

Meyer Super-V snow plow

Meyer Products’ second generation Super-V multi-position plow, the Super-V2, offers aggressive styling and incredible plowing performance. It has a 70-degree attack angle and a tapered steel blade. It’s designed to fit 3/4- and 1-ton pickups and weighs 900 pounds.

Available in 8.5’, 9.5’, and 10.5′ lengths, the Super-V2 provides excellent snow rolling and throwing action similar to that of a highway plow. When you want the convenience of a “V” blade, scoop blade or straight blade, you want the Meyer Super-V2.

Our exclusive one-button controller lets you put the plow in just about any configuration.

The new Super-V 7.5′ model, which weighs 582 pounds, is designed for 1/2-ton pickups. The dual acting cylinders lock the blade so you can back drag snow in any blade position. Also available is the Meyer Super-V, our standard v-plow, available in *7.5′, 8.5’ and 9.5’ lengths. Contact: Meyer Products; 216/486-1313