Bolt Locks

Bolt security locks

Like the original padlock, the new BOLT locks have a patented, automotive-style cylinder that allows the user to insert their car or truck key, turn once, and program the lock to that key.

Any number of locks in the series can be set to that key. Thus, the BOLT user can use the same key – their car key – to lock their toolbox, trailer hitch, storage shed, gate, rod or gun locker…and so on.

Convenience isn’t the BOLT locks’ only benefit, however. Because of their automotive-grade construction, they have the highest corrosion resistance rating of any locks on the market and are nearly impossible to pick or bump. The BOLT Series locks fit over 70 percent of all Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles, making them compatible with 111 million vehicles, including nearly 90 percent of all light trucks.

The receiver lock models are designed for use with trailers carrying boats, autos, ATVs and other hitch-mounted accessories.  They come in 5/8-inch and ½ -inch diameters, fitting Class I-IV truck hitches.

BOLT locks are currently available online at and at select retailers.