Suzuki DF300

Suzuki DF300


The DF300 is the industry’s first 300 HP V-6 four-stroke outboard. This engine has the largest displacement, the most power and the lightest weight in its class. The DF300 is the first Suzuki to feature “Suzuki Precision Control.” This fly-by-wire control offers silky smooth shifting and throttle response. The DF300 is the top shelf outboard of choice.

Main Features of the DF300

• The DF300 is the first Suzuki outboard to utilize an electronic remote control. Compared to conventional cable systems, electronic control delivers quicker throttle response, especially in the low rpm range. This system also offers smooth and positive gear operation.

• At 300hp the DF300 has the largest power rating among 4-stroke outboards. Its 4.0 liter V6 24-valve engine offers the largest displacement in its class and delivers power and torque to spare.

• A newly developed streamlined gear case reduces resistance while the boat is underway and contributes to increased top speed.

• The DF300 meets CARB 3-Star Ultra-Low Emission standards—one of the strictest emission standards in the world.