Mavia Knows All

Mavia takes electronic vehicle monitoring to a new level

Louisville, KY – (Dec. 29, 2010) – Mavizon Technologies, a mobile technologies startup dedicated to improving and simplifying the on-the-go experience, dominated at this year’s highly anticipated CEA i-Stage competition, taking home Overall Winner and Fan Favorite for its innovative flagship device, Mavia™.

Status & Location

In less than five minutes, this easy-to-install aftermarket automotive intelligence system offers drivers a smarter, user-friendly way to integrate their cars with their busy mobile lifestyles.

With this one unit, consumers can find lost or stolen cars, detect automotive maintenance needs and get access to automatic emergency response with the ability to let friends/family know when accidents happen – all without monthly fees.

Social Media Integration
Plus, with the popularity of social media check-ins and online communication, this handy tool can be customized to use its GPS capabilities to offer drivers an automatic way to stay in touch with their friends.

Diagnostics and Automotive Maintenance Needs
Since it plugs conveniently into the on-board diagnostic port (OBD-II) of most cars (1996 and newer), Mavia™ knows when you need an oil change, tires rotated and more. It can remind you of scheduled maintenance and offer special Groupon-like discounts based on these specific automotive maintenance needs and your location.

Stay Connected All the Time
Once connected, drivers can easily create an account at the dedicated Mavia page through the Mavizon Technologies site.

After a few simple questions about the car, the device automatically syncs to Mavizon’s cloud-based system to allow users to access all pertinent information via a free Smartphone app or through the company’s web site.

This affordable aftermarket system operates on 3G – not Bluetooth or Wi-Fi – so it’s always on and never uses up valuable cell phone minutes.

“We know what consumers want, and what they don’t. That’s why we created the connected car made simple for everyone,” said Mavizon Technologies Partner, Madison Hamman. “Mavia™ provides a smarter, all-in-one solution to keep drivers safe, secure and socially connected on the road.”

Mavia™ will be available mid-2011 for less than $300 – no monthly fees. For more information, please visit