Managing Brakes

Centric Parts offers fleet brake-management program  


Los Angeles  â€“ (December) Centric Parts, a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake components and systems, has introduced a complete brake program for fleets that includes applications for performance fleet vehicles as well as extended-use fleet vehicles. 

The move establishes Centric Parts, which already supports nearly every make and model of passenger cars and pickups to medium-duty trucks manufactured since 1937, as having the most comprehensive brake program available in the automotive aftermarket.

 â€śNow fleet managers can control costs while boosting reliability and performance with Centric Parts brake components and systems designed and engineered for the unique driving profile of fleet vehicles,” notes Dan Lelchuk, President of Centric Parts.

“The new program brings Centric Parts’ award winning cataloging, product development, customer service and distribution to the world of fleet vehicles.”

 The Centric Parts fleet program encompasses two distinct brake systems, each comprised of rotors, calipers and friction with various options and upgrades ensuring the right solution for the vehicle characteristics of most fleets.

Centric Fleet Performance Brake Systems provide superior stopping power with specially engineered components designed to deliver a high level of control and safety for high speed or repeated stop situations.

Centric Premium Brake Systems are original equipment-quality brake components that deliver consistent and reliable stopping for high mileage vehicles in normal highway and city driving conditions.

 Centric Fleet Performance Brake Systems feature Centric Parts’ newest innovation, Centric Fleet Performance Brake Pads, which excel over the competition.

These pads are specifically engineered to perform in pursuit, rescue, and emergency driving conditions by safely stopping vehicles from high speeds and continuing to work at very high temperatures. 

Centric Premium Brake Systems have Posi Quiet Extended Wear brake pads featuring stable friction levels across a wide temperature range formulated for long pad life and reduced brake rotor wear for fleet vehicles operating under normal yet extensive driving conditions.

The pads in both Centric Parts fleet systems have mechanically attached shims and are scorched for accelerated break-in.

 Each brake rotor in the Centric Parts fleet program is straddle cut using the most accurate machining process available and given a double disc ground finish which virtually eliminates run out and disc thickness variation issues. 

Then the rotors are mill balanced to a tight tolerance to reduce rotor vibration and provide a smooth application of braking force, and selected applications feature Power Alloy for superior resistance to cracking and thermal stress along with an anti-corrosion e-coating.  Additional rotor options include cryogenic tempering, slotted surfaces.

Centric Fleet Performance Brake Systems have a full line of loaded calipers offering unmatched quality and value with specific Fleet Performance friction and an anti-corrosion powder coating or zinc plating. 

Centric Premium Brake Systems have semi-loaded calipers remanufactured to exacting standards for worry free performance over the life of the caliper.

Some selected applications from both systems include silicone dust boots for extended service life at high temperatures which draw from the high-end technology of StopTech, the company’s ultra-performance and racing division. 

  The Centric Parts fleet program is supported by replacement components including brake drums, brake shoes, master cylinders, wheel cylinders, brake lines, brake boosters, clutch hydraulics, hubs, bearings and seals.

 â€śThere is simply no other company in the automotive aftermarket with a brake program that is as comprehensive as Centric Parts,” notes Lelchuk. 

“Centric Parts and its StopTech and Power Slot divisions pretty much cover everything out there in any situation; daily drive economy cars, classics, occasional track cars, production race cars, emergency vehicles, medium duty trucks, even the occasional armored vehicle.” 

Centric Parts ( continually innovates significant improvements to brake technology to provide superior performance, quality and value. 

StopTech (, Centric’s ultra performance division, is a leading innovator of world class brake components and systems for production-based racing cars and high performance vehicles on the street and track. 

StopTech offers complete Big Brake Kits as well as a range of high performance calipers, AeroRotors, AeroHats, steel braided Teflon brake lines, and high performance brake pads. 

Power Slot (, Centric’s performance division, focuses on entry level brake upgrade solutions including the award-winning Power Alloy Enhanced Brake Rotor, and pioneered direct fit performance rotors for trucks, SUVs and severe duty vehicles.