2011 Kawasaki Jet Ski® Ultra® LX

2011 Jet Ski® Ultra® LX

Supreme Power, Luxurious Comfort

Combining luxury and power, the Kawasaki Jet Ski® Ultra® LX watercraft sports a multitude of features that makes riding the waves a real pleasure. This naturally aspirated version of our ultimate Jet Ski model produces eye-popping power via a race-derived jet pump, while its deep-V hull provides stability. For a long day out on the water, the Ultra LX boasts class-leading fuel capacity and industry-leading storage, ensuring that riders can take along all they need. And to keep all those aboard comfortable, a luxury seat with bolsters for each person enhances comfort while cruising at all speeds. Five-position adjustable steering accommodates people of many sizes, and splash deflectors minimize spray to keep operators and passengers drier.

The hull – with a 22.5-degree V-angle – is the same design used on Kawasaki’s flagship Ultra 300LX. Its responsive turning and neutral handling mean that the Ultra LX slices easily through swells and waves and fluently carves banked turns without imposing high-g loads. This compelling machine will make an operator want to be out on the water from sunup to sunset.

But it’s not just handling that gives the Ultra LX its charm. The 1,498cc DOHC inline four-cylinder engine is the other major element of the performance formula. The race-developed propulsion unit features a large-diameter 155mm jet pump combined with an oversize impeller and jet nozzle that converts the engine’s power into 956 pounds of thrust. Its stunning, smooth acceleration and power translate into enough speed to satisfy even the most demanding sport riders.

Luxurious rider and refined passenger accommodations polish off the Ultra LX’s sporty abilities. With its specially designed supportive seat and smart five-way adjustable steering handle, the Ultra LX suits a variety of rider sizes and styles, from a hard-charging standing position to a leisurely sitting one.

While riders are enjoying the all-day comfort of the Ultra LX, they can do so with the peace of mind that they have brought everything with them in the industry-leading 60 gallons of built-in storage space, or in the detachable storage compartment that can hold even more. Plus the fun can keep on going longer, thanks to its largest-in-class 20.6-gallon fuel tank, which gives the Ultra LX the longest cruising range of any PWC in its class.