New TeleSwivel hitches offered

TeleSwivel 210 eases trailer hitching

Williams Innovations is proud to announce the introduction of its next generation proximity hitch adapter, the TeleSwivel™ 210. 

TeleSwivel™ brand hitches, which extend out from the vehicle and move side-to-side, dramatically increase the “target zone”–up to 25 times–for connecting a truck and trailer.

Lighter and even more rugged than its predecessor (the TeleSwivel™ 200) the TeleSwivel™ 210 features the ergonomic improvement of a top-pull locking pin handle and the enhanced reliability of high strength abrasion resistant steel construction. 

To achieve world-class corrosion resistance, the TS210 assembly receives an auto ferritic coating process which is then co-cured with the final powder coat application.  This 2-step process provides the highest standards of corrosion resistance in the automotive industry.  

The new TS 210 design also includes optional height-adjusting accessory probes to meet a wide variety of towing needs. 

Available accessories include an accessory plate model to accommodate a wide assortment of ball, pintle, and clevis hitches, and a drop/rise attachment that comes with a standard ball hitch and accommodates most industry-standard weight distribution heads.

The new TeleSwivel™ 210 improved design retains the 10,000 lbs GTW (1,000 lbs tongue weight) class IV rating of previous models while leveraging the proven designs introduced in our larger commercial fleet and military TeleSwivel™ products.

 The TeleSwivel™ 210 unit is now available in standard probe, accessory plate, or drop hitch versions. 

 Williams Innovations (WIC), based in Durham, NC, is the manufacturer of TeleSwivel™ brand hitches and the leader in proximity hitching systems and trailer safety technology.  TeleSwivel™ brand hitches help decrease the amount of injuries related to “muscling” the trailer onto the hitch by simply moving the hitch, not the truck.  Regardless of towing experience, drivers will find hitching their trailer to be faster, easier, and safer with TeleSwivel™ brand hitches.