Orvis Access fly rods

Orvis Access fly rods bring high quality to mid-price range


The new Orvis Access rods introduce a huge breakthrough in mid-priced fly rod designs.

Lighter than any other rods in their price class, the Orvis Access rods utilize the Exclusive Load Ratio developed for the Helios and Hydros rods to produce a taper that feels powerful yet lively when casting or when playing a fish. (The blanks are all made by hand in the Orvis rod shop in Manchester, Vermont.)

Recent breakthroughs in fiber/resin combinations by the military contractor who provides Orvis with its raw materials allow the rod designers to make these rods ultra-lightweight and responsive.

The price is kept in a very reasonable range because the new process allows them to build a rod with epoxy resins toughened with a small amount of thermoplastics instead of the more expensive thermoplastic resins throughout, yet still maintaining superior strength.

The tapers are a result of a mixture of high- and intermediate-modulus carbon fiber materials, along with precise placement of scrim (the material that provides hoop strength for the rods) of various types and at various angles along the rods.

Access rods are completely new, from raw materials to tapers to hardware. Blanks are a deep glowing root beer color, with matching woven carbon reel seat and champagne

aluminum hardware. Cork is a new super-grade cork, some of the finest we’ve seen in years. Guides are hard chrome. Each rod comes with a Safe Passage Rod Carrying Case. Contact: Orvis